Domaine CARRET vin bio du beaujolais

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At Domaine CARRET, we have the luck to have a big varieties of soils. The two main soils are clayey and granitic. Therefore we can elaborate complex wines with a lot of character. The age of our vineyard is for the youngest 15 years old and for the oldest over 100 years old, the average for our vineyard is around 40 years old.

We plough the soil with a very gentle and efficient equipement. This equipement respect the vines, this work is the longest and the hardest for us, we believe that our soil are more than important so we give more than good care to it.
Most of the work at the vineyard is done with our little hands. The main work done by a machine, is spraying.

The products that we use to protect the vineyard when we spary are of course all certified for organic use. These products protect the vineyard and respect the life around it, starting by us humans...Sometimes we feel like our vineyard is thanking us for the good treatement we give to the soil and to all "his friends" plants, insects and animal living in harmony with the vineyard. The way the vineayard is thanking us is by producing fabulous good grapes that will bring complexity and character to the wine.

We want to produce the best wine possible. To reach this level of quality we need biodiversity, we need the help of all the life in the vineyard, all these insects and plants living for each other. We need the life from the darkness of the soil and the life staying under the brigthness of the sun.
All this happy life is our best partner to produce good and healthy wine.

Long live the love of life! Long live the good wine!

CARRET Vincent - Les Grandes Terres 69210 BULLY - Phone +33(0)641954778

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